Introductions and Shameless Plugs

Today is one of those rare California days when the sky is gray, the kind of day that puts me in a contemplative mood. It’s probably just marine layer, but I can’t help but feel relaxed on a day like this. To me, it’s a sure sign that autumn is upon me.

I find it easier to write things on gray days, for some reason. It’s always been that way. With that in mind, I’ve sat down to write this post and finally offer a substantial introduction. I’m sure the only people who are reading this right now are my close friends (some of who have blogs listed on the side there), so it may seem redundant to go into a bit of detail about myself. But, well, just in case…

I am a 22-year-old student, as of this writing, and going for my BA in Creative Writing at CSULB. I would say I’m solely a writer, but that would be lying; I suppose aspiring creator would more fitting, if perhaps a little presumptuous. I chiefly want to tell stories and entertain people, but the medium through which I can do this can vary. I’ve dabbled in fiction writing, screenwriting, comic scripts, video-editing and voice-acting; I build models with LEGOs and theme parks with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3; I actively play tabeltop roleplaying games like Pathfinder and GURPS, and enjoy being both a player character and a Game Master (the latter being a vehicle for my world-building aspirations and yet another creative outlet).

Not that I want to play to the stereotype, but it’s pretty obvious from the above that I am the classic geek, albeit a considerably handsome open-ended one. And did I mention I was humble to boot?

Joking aside, my hope is to simply create, and to share my creations with the world. One of the reasons I finally started this blog was because I was seeking an outlet to put my ramblings, musings, opinions and thoughts as I continue to explore different creative outlets. In essence, this blog is going to be a place for me to just “let go” and post, to write about what I will and see what other might have to say, and a place for me to hammer words out on a keyboard when I’m not doing anything else. It is my hope that I remain consistent, stay honest, and above all have fun with this. That being said, don’t be surprised if the posts come as a mixed bag of things; one day I might be sharing a ton of pointless videos, another might be me writing something topical, and a third might be some short fiction or notes on my various creative projects. The act always changes: hence, why this place is a circus of Intriguing Things. Just little odds and ends that I feel like sharing.

I am mainly doing this for my own sake, but I do appreciate getting feedback and such, and I welcome responses and hope that, for as long as you remain at my circus, that you enjoy the show.

Now, with that said, I’d like to share a couple links to a couple of my existing venues of stuff. I’ll link back to them in future posts, but for now here are examples of where most of the internet stuff I’ve crafted exists.

My YouTube Channel is one of those, and practically everyone has one of these. Nevertheless, like this blog it is where I upload video (and some audio) projects that don’t follow any real theme. Check it out if you like!

Meanwhile, my deviantArt page is the current public source of my fiction. It’s more of a recent addition, as a certain someone took the liberty of creating the account for me. If you stumble through here and want to read some of my stories, this is where I’d advise you to go.

Anyway, I think I’ll go for a walk outside. Gray being more of an anomaly here in southern California, I’m certain it won’t be long until this sun comes out, and I want to enjoy this while I can.

Until next time, kids!

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  1. I actually meant to respond to this the day you posted it, but I got caught up in having to rush off to D&D. Sorry about that!

    It’s good to see a substantial introduction from you, sir. I’m sure whoever stops by will be instantly taken in by your casual, easy-to-read style and welcoming voice. I look forward especially to any literary offerings you’ll be posting up!

    ‘Till then, my friend.

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